Rainbow Sprinkles Frosting

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Ready made frosting for cupcakes, cakes and desserts! This is the exact same frosting we use on our cakes and cupcakes at Bunner's retail locations!

This product is our classic vanilla frosting mixed with vibrant, rainbow sprinkles. (*please note that in the above image we added a few extra sprinkles on top so you could see exactly what they look like). 

Instructions: Thaw completely. Stir vigorously to fluff. Spread a thick dollop on your cupcakes or smooth over the surface of a fresh baked cake. Cakes & cupcakes are best frosted once they’ve had time to cool and set. Do not frost baked goods that are still warm. Don’t forget to lick the spoon!

Ingredients: Frosting: Icing sugar, fair-trade palm shortening, coconut cream, vanilla extract, salt. Sprinkles: Icing sugar, shortening, cornstarch, glucose, sunflower lecithin, artificial colours, gum arabic, carnauba wax.

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