Crème Brûlée *Bake at home 2 pack*

Product image 1Crème Brûlée *Bake at home 2 pack* - Bunner's Bakeshop
Product image 2Crème Brûlée *Bake at home 2 pack* - Bunner's Bakeshop
Product image 3Crème Brûlée *Bake at home 2 pack* - Bunner's Bakeshop

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*We have changed to a larger size than the photo displayed, the new size is great for a generous single serving each or the 2 Crème Brûlées can be split 4 ways for sharing. Check back soon for an updated photo!*

Indulge in a little luxury this year with Bunner's -bake at home- Crème Brûlée! The Brûlée 2 pack is perfect for sharing with a special someone over the holiday season. PLUS it's fun and easy to make!

Creamy custard filling is topped with a fine layer of sugar and then torched or broiled until the sugar melts and turns golden brown. Once is cools for a couple of minutes you're left with a deliciously golden top layer that cracks when tapped with a spoon! The combination of cool creamy custard and browned sugar crackle is to die for.  

This recipe works perfectly with either a kitchen style butane torch or with the broiler in your oven (or toaster oven), and is sure to impress.

This product is only available for pickup or delivery after November 17th 2023. If this item is in your cart it will not allow you to select a date before November 17th.

This product is only available until New Years, get it before it’s gone!

Set top oven on the highest setting (just below the element). Set oven to broil.
Remove plastic packaging and place both Crème Brûlée on a baking tray.
Open sugar packet and spread evenly over both Crème Brûlée.
Place tray on top oven rack until the sugar melts and browns.
Remove from oven and allow to cool 2 minutes. Enjoy!

Coconut cream (coconut, water, guar gum), custard powder (cornstarch, salt, colour, artificial flavour), sugar.

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