Are all items gluten-free?

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Yes! We are a gluten-free company. All the ingredients we use adhere to strict testing measures to ensure they are safe for celiacs and gluten-free diets.

Are all items vegan / dairy-free?

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Yes! We are a 100% vegan company, which means we do not use any dairy, eggs or any animal products of any kind.

Are all items nut-free?

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Yes and no*. We do not bring any nuts into our facilities. Additionally, we ensure all ingredients we bring in are not manufactured on the same equipment as nuts. *Please note that we are not certified nut-free, and ingredients may be stored in the same warehouse as nuts before arriving at our facility.

Which items are soy-free?

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Most of our items are soy-free. Some savoury items do contain soy. Full ingredient lists can be found for each product on our website. If the ingredient list is not on the website, the please call us to ensure that the product meets your dietary requirements.

Which common allergens do you use?

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Sesame seeds, soy, pea protein, chickpea, corn, potatoes, various nightshades, celery and mustard. These common allergens are used on a daily basis at Bunner's (depending on which products are being produced on a given day) so cross contamination may occur.
We do our best to limit and restrict cross contamination, however we can not 100% guarantee that cross contamination or trace levels of these common allergens are not present in any of our products.

I have other food allergies - how do I know if your products are safe for me?

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Most of our products have full ingredient listings on their individual product page. If the ingredients are not listed, please email us or you can call the store and ask for help. Please do not assume that our products meet dietary restrictions other than gluten-free and /or vegan. Disclosing all ingredients to our customers is of paramount importance to us and we are more than willing to help you determine if our products are right for you.


How do I place an order?

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You can place an order right from our website. Just add your items to the cart and then head to the check out! You can select pick up (free) or delivery (paid service) during check out.

Do you deliver?

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Yes we deliver throughout the GTA, 7 days a week. Our delivery partner services all or most of the following regions:
DELIVERY ZONES : Please see the Delivery page on this website.

What time will my delivery arrive?

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Our delivery window is from 11:00pm-7:00pm on your selected delivery date. If it's past 7:00pm and you still have not received your order please call our delivery partner directly at 416-820-4129. It's rare but it can happen on occasion due to unforeseen traffic or road conditions. If this is the case, please be patient. Our drivers are very dedicated to getting you your product on time.

I need to make changes to my order. Who do I contact?

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For orders placed with our Kensington location at 244 Augusta Ave. OR for delivery orders please email our Kensington front of house team at


Can I customize my cake?

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Yes! We now offer the option to design your very own custom 6" cake at Bunner's. There are a lot of options for customization and we've made the process fun and easy with our custom cake design selectable menu. Check it out here > Custom 6" Cakes

Product Handling

How do I store my treats?

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Store your cake or cupcakes in the fridge, bring to room temperature to serve. Muffins, scones and cinnamon buns are best left at room temperature.

Can I freeze my products?

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Yes! All of our items freeze incredibly well. We suggest keeping them in an airtight container or baggie for to keep them fresh and protected. Give your frozen treats ample time to thaw before eating them.

Wholesale and B2B

Does Bunner's sell wholesale products to local Cafes or Grocers?

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Yes! One of our fastest growing departments is wholesaling premium vegan and gluten-free baked goods to cafes, bistros, restaurants and local grocers in Toronto. Take a look at our Wholesale page on this website for more information.

I would like to carry / sell your products. Who do I contact?

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For wholesale inquiries please email our Wholesale manager at

Do you offer corporate catering?

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Yes! We offer a number of services, from personalized gift boxes delivered to your team at home to large meeting and conference catering. Please inquire with our Wholesale manager for more information or to get a quote: 

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